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I had a serious wasp problem. These guys took care of it for me. They're professional, friendly, and efficient. Their prices are reasonable, they show up when they say they will, and they know the job well. If you've got pests, call these folks, you won't regret it.

Rob - San Jose

One time too many I came home to find a conga line of ants leading to a swarm crawling over some miniscule scrap of food that did not get washed down the sink drain. I checked with a neighbor who recommended the company she used which was RPM exterminators. We set up a regularly scheduled periodic visit. They explain what chemicals they are using and why, and I can check into the safety of said chemicals as I have young children (My degrees are in chemical and environmental engineering so I have a bit of experience in checking on such things). They show up when they say they will, and for many years I never had an ant problem again. That changed recently...

The ants were traveling in the house from the master bedroom into the hallway and didn't seem to be swarming anyplace in particular. I put out some terro ant bait I had from about 6 years ago, before I started getting the service and made a call. RPM was there the next day putting back up an outside barrier. I paid my normal installment and things calmed down in a couple days. I thought we were fine. Then a few days later we had another ant line start up again. I called and RPM came by the next day. The tech sprayed inside the house along the ant path, and tracked down what was attracting the ants. It was a flower vase with water (and flowers) that the ants were drinking. In addition the tech crawled under the house and gave things a good spray down as well as trying to see if they were somehow getting across the original barrier. He even crawled through a small space under an addition to the house to spray there. No extra charge for this visit since we're on the regular visit plan.

Things were good for a week, then we had some ants actually in the kitchen, though they didn't seem to swarming over any food. Called up in the morning, they got back in touch with me the same day and came by. Did a bit more spraying under the house. Still no extra charge. Even though this current issue is annoying, we had no problems for about 6 years versus multiple problems for the 4 years we were in the house before that . Even in the midst of this issue, RPM shows up quickly, on time and attempts to solve the problem. Everyone I've interacted with at this small company has always been courteous, friendly and professional. The guys spraying know their chemicals and take appropriate precautions to safeguard my family. I'm a fan of the company.

Brian - Santa Clara